Titipaja Mempercepat Pengiriman dan Mengurangi Beban Operasional.
Dengan Titipaja, pengelolaan persediaan dan pengiriman produk menjadi lebih mudah
Ulasan Terpercaya

After collaborating with the Titipaja team for three years, the Flywheel team expresses a satisfaction level of 8 out of 10 regarding the performance of the TA operational. Initially utilizing three different fulfillment vendors, the Flywheel team ultimately decided to exclusively direct all Flywheel brands through Titipaja. This decision was driven by the satisfactory operational performance of Titipaja, which effectively adapts to the current needs of Flywheel’s diverse brands.

The fulfillment process has become exceptionally swift, thanks to Managed Warehouse services. Consequently, the company no longer requires an operational team, leading to significant cost reductions.