Kisah sukses & keberhasilan yang menginspirasi
Temukan kisah sukses dan keberhasilan yang menginspirasi dari para pelanggan kami yang telah mencapai prestasi luar biasa dengan bantuan layanan kami.
Studi Kasus
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PT Flywheel Digital Indonesia (Flywheel)

Pain Point The current operational challenges are multifaceted. Manual order processing from the seller center is time-consuming, exacerbated by difficulties in tracking warehouse issues due to the absence of dedicated customer service. Infrequent stock checks, limited stock connection between OMS and seller center, and the lack of WMS API accessibility add complexity. Moreover, the OMS […]

PT. Setiap Hari Dipakai (Evermos)

Pain Point Struggling with their existing 4PL partner, this company sought a game-changing alternative. Solution from Titipaja Enter Titipaja, who offer excellence in operations, client service, and communication. Titipaja provides dedicated Customer Experience and Customer Service team. The API integration with Titipaja’s system was swift and impactful, where client interactions became responsive and personalized, and […]

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